Research & Development

Ultratech established its R&D center in 2010 and upskilled its core competence into developing innovative and quality generic medicines at an affordable cost. In an attempt to minimize the project management time lines, R&D activities of both APIs and formulations are done under one roof. Apart from developing new products, R&D is also involved in product life cycle management activities to ensure continuous quality improvements. Our continuous research is focused on developing new products, improving existing ones, refining drug delivery systems and expanding product applications. The R&D center has its micro scale R&D lab, kilo lab, FDF lab, Instrument and wet analysis labs. We have been able to achieve a synergistic integration of research & developments between our APIs and FDFs.

Our R&D specializes in
  • Product developments
  • Process development of pharmaceutical finished dosage forms, APIs & Drug intermediates
  • Synthesis route development
  • Process optimizations
  • Impurity synthesis
  • Developing environmentally friendly processes
  • Pulmonary route drug delivery system developments
  • Drug product characterization
  • BA and BE studies
  • Stability studies
  • Analytical method development
  • Technology transfer